3 types of clients that could benefit from private key encryption

Posted by Rob Merklinger on Oct 14, 2013 11:10:00 AM

By Rob Merklinger, VP of Sales

Security is an obvious pain point for many businesses thinking about cloud backup, and often the best way for MSPs to earn customer trust is to use a solution that puts a priority on data protection. We talk to our partners about this a lot, and we strive to help them communicate our backup solution’s security benefits to their own customers. 

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A few weeks ago, we touched on our private encryption key offering in a blog post. As we explained, partners who use this offering benefit from total ownership of their encryption key. With this option, only the MSP is able to access or view the content of the data being protected, which could be a great selling point to certain business customers.

Which ones, you ask? Let’s take a look at a few organizations that might appreciate your ability to offer cloud backup with private key encryption.

What types of businesses could benefit from private key encryption?

  • Healthcare – HIPAA is on almost everybody’s minds these days, especially in the weeks after the September 23 Omnibus deadline. The fact is there are major penalties in play for providers who don’t protect sensitive healthcare information. It might offer your medical clients peace of mind to know that if they store their healthcare data with you, access to that data can be limited, reducing the number of individuals who can see what they’re storing. Check out our HIPAA Resource Center to learn more.
  • Financial – Like healthcare, the financial industry is highly regulated, and compliance requires firms follow rules for records management. And of course, the sensitive nature of financial information demands extra attention be paid to data access. MSPs can offer these firms a level of assurance knowing that their data cannot be decrypted by anyone they haven’t approved.
  • Legal – Lawyers undergo an extensive discovery process when prepping for legal work, and it’s understandable they would want to keep that information close to the vest. A private key option could appeal to law firms that want to be absolutely sure they know who can see their information.

But really, most businesses could stand to benefit from private key encryption. Anyone who stores sensitive personal information – like human resources data or business finances – might appreciate the ability to restrict data access.

What should I know before choosing private key?

The biggest issue we press with partners who choose our private key encryption offering is that it really puts data access entirely into their hands. We don’t store copies of their key, so if they lose it, we’re not able to decrypt that data. We recommend partners who choose this offering put their key into an escrow account or another type of secure data storage to keep it safe.

At the end of the day, our private key offering is another of several features – including 256-bit military-grade encryption and dual-coast data centers with 24/7 monitoring – that helps our MSP partners appeal to security-conscious IT buyers. 

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