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Manny Veiga is Chief Storyteller at Intronis and is responsible for managing the Intronis blog and social media networks.
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Productivity Month: Self-evaluation gave Internet and Telephone perspective

Posted by Manny Veiga on Sep 22, 2014 8:00:00 AM

It’s natural to want to savor victory in the days after saving your client from a data disaster, but it’s also important to make some time for reflection.  Immediately reviewing the effectiveness of your disaster response approach can reveal opportunities for better planning, productivity, and client communication.

One Intronis partner discovered the value of self-evaluation after a recent client disaster. Massachusetts-based Internet and Telephone had to respond quickly when one of its newest clients, Eastern Yacht Club, suffered a three-alarm fire in June.

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Productivity Month: Sense of urgency helps TURNkey IT with complacency

Posted by Manny Veiga on Sep 8, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Complacency can be dangerous. It can stall business progress and enable the types of mistakes that cost organizations time and money.

David Kolssak, president of TURNkey IT in Chicago, said a sense of urgency is a key driver of his team’s productivity. When every part of the business understands that it should address important matters quickly, then the company’s overall throughput – and productivity – improves as a result.

“In an IT organization, where you’re primarily supporting people, you have to be quick to respond,” said Kolssak.

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Intronis declares September 'Productivity month'!

Posted by Manny Veiga on Sep 2, 2014 3:20:16 PM

We hear a lot from partners telling us they want their organizations to be more efficient. Productivity is something every business in every walk of life is after, but it's especially important for IT services providers since your customers rely on you to be dependable and timely. 

With that in mind, Intronis has dubbed September "Productivity Month"! All throughout September, we'll be sharing our top tips, strategies, and ideas for running a more productive IT services business. At the end of the month you'll have everything you need to drive a more efficient organization.

Our home base for all things Productivity Month is, where we will be posting our full collection of productivity tips and guides!

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The alleged iCloud hack: Your data is safe with Intronis

Posted by Manny Veiga on Sep 2, 2014 11:44:00 AM

A massive reported breach of private celebrity images this weekend has called into question the security of Apple's iCloud service.

Apple says it is investigating claims that hackers were able to access the private iCloud online data storage service by exploiting a vulnerability in its software. According to the Wall Street Journal, a flaw in the Find My iPhone service may have enabled unlimited opportunities for hackers to guess users' iCloud passwords until they could find the right one.

This type of "brute force" attack is normally prevented by password lockout features, but Find My iPhone apparently did not have such a feature until Apple released a corrective patch yesterday.

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43 percent of data breaches last year involved healthcare data

Posted by Manny Veiga on Aug 28, 2014 9:35:51 AM

Healthcare data is more valuable than ever to cybercriminals and identity thieves, according to a recent analysis of breach data.

The Washington Post's Health Reform Watch blog recently reviewed data from a number of sources, which revealed an expanded view of the threat to healthcare data over the past several years.

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Topics: HIPAA and Healthcare IT

Video: Neal Bradbury talks backup consolidation, simpler pricing

Posted by Manny Veiga on Aug 25, 2014 10:58:00 AM

August was a busy month for the Intronis team, as we hit the road to talk with partners about the new Intronis ECHOplatform and our fixed-rate unlimited pricing at events in Nashville, Phoenix, and Chicago. Our travels also brought the team through San Antonio for XChange 2014, where co-founder Neal Bradbury had the chance to connect with CRN TV's Meghan Ottolini for an interview about our new partner offerings

Meghan and Neal covered the full gamut of Intronis' big announcements this summer - including the value of adding Bare Metal Restore to the Intronis ECHOplatform, the reasons why our U2 Plan makes conversations with your customers easier, and the power of the sales enablement tools offered by Intronis Essentials.

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Why 'upsell' doesn't have to be a dirty word

Posted by Manny Veiga on Aug 21, 2014 11:59:00 AM

Upselling is a fairly common strategy many sales teams use to extend and enhance their relationships with current customers. But lots of businesses - including many MSPs - avoid upselling because it's developed an unfortunate stigma.

Just the word "upsell" can draw negative connotations - think the sleazy used car salesman who wants to push you toward the flashy package you probably don't need. And while that's probably an unfair slight on all the hard-working used car salemen out there, the simple fact is that customers don't want to feel pressured to buy "add-ons". 

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Ebola virus used as bait in malware and phishing scams

Posted by Manny Veiga on Aug 19, 2014 10:43:23 AM

Cybercriminals are leveraging international media attention on the Ebola virus to launch phishing campaigns designed to trick users into downloading malware or surrendering personal information.

Symantec researchers this week identified at least four malware operations that sought to prey upon the public's interest in the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa.

It's yet another example of how cybercriminals frequently latch onto popular topics in their social engineering schemes. Other recent examples include a Fourth of July malware that targeted travel websites and a virus disguised as a CryptoLocker fixer tool.

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SuperValu latest retail corp hit by data breach

Posted by Manny Veiga on Aug 15, 2014 4:14:03 PM

A breach of consumer credit card data has affected at leasat 180 grocery and liquor stores owned, franchised or serviced by the retailing corporation SuperValu, according to an Associated Press report.

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Malware increasingly targeting virtual machines, study says

Posted by Manny Veiga on Aug 15, 2014 12:53:00 PM

It's an issue that doesn't get as much attention, but a new analysis from security researchers at Symantec sheds some light on the increasing presence of malware that specifically targets virtual machines.

In the whitepaper "Threats to Virtual Environments", Symantec threat researcher Candid Wuesst described an analysis of malware samples submitted by more than 200,000 consumers since 2012. According to the report, around 18 percent of the samples studied tried to detect the presence of VMware virtual machines.

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