An inside look at making the “Intronis is Always There” music video

Posted by Garry Dumas and Miguel Leonor on Apr 21, 2015 9:00:00 AM


By now, you’ve probably watched our new music video, “Intronis is Always There.” If you haven’t yet, you should check it out. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

We got the idea for the song after watching a music video one of our competitors made and knowing that we could create something better. Garry has been writing songs since high school for the various bands he’s been in, and Miguel is a Berklee College of Music alum and leader of his church’s band. So we decided to write a song together.

The song itself is meant to be a love song from Intronis to MSPs, confessing our love and need to protect their SMB customers’ data, no matter what problems come their way. So naturally, R&B seemed like the way to go.

After several secret meetings, we had some lyrics and recorded a clip of it on a phone. This song stayed a secret until we unveiled it to the entire company at the annual kickoff meeting. We got compliments from everyone in the company, and when we posted it online for Valentine’s Day, we got tons of positive feedback. So we decided we had to make a video.

The original plan was to make either a video showcasing the lyrics or of us performing the song, but we decided something more creative was in order. The video, like the song, follows the theme of love for data. The relationship goes through the traditional steps: dating, meeting the parents, marriage, and having children.

When we decided on the idea of this data love story, we created a handful of storyboard drawings. These simple drawings sparked more creativity and kept us organized while we were taping.

Taping was tough at first. We struggled with the sunlight based on the time of day we were able to tape and locations we were trying to shoot in. After a few failed attempts, we decided it would be best to tape this away from work, so most of the taping was done during one hectic day.


The day started out with Garry in his suit, in a beautiful church waiting to be taped getting married … to his computer. We had to make some tough decisions that day, like how weird would it be for Garry to kiss the bride in this scene? We decided that crossed the line from fun and cute to creepy.

The day ended with Garry accidentally spilling wine on his computer. Unfortunately this isn’t a cool special effect. He really spilled wine on his computer!

We put cardboard underneath his computer so when he tipped the glass it would pour underneath the computer. The plan was for him to quickly pick up the computer and wipe it off, but it didn’t quite work out as planned. We got a great shot though, and you’ll be happy to know Garry’s computer is functioning semi-normally at the moment.

At least the frozen skillet meal we paired with the wine was so visually pleasing, it made up for the spill, right? Yeah, sorry, we know it didn’t end up looking very appetizing, but it actually tasted pretty good!


As you can see from the above sketch, we ended up leaving out some of the scenes, such as the fireplace scene and the coffeeshop date scene. A few factors lead to this, including time, feasibility, and what they added to the story. Lesson learned: It’s better to have more scenes than you think you need so you can pick and choose what you like while you’re editing.  

After many hours, we were happy with the final product and felt like the vision that had started out on a few scraps of paper was fully realized. We hope that you enjoy watching this video as much as we did making it!

We’d also like to say a special thanks to Achmad Chadran (The Current Provider), Kris Jarvis (The woman who got dumped for a computer), and Connor McBride (The Cyber Criminal) for all their help, and to the church for letting us film the wedding scene there.

Check out the slide share with our commentary on the storyboard.

 Watch the music video

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