A shocking statement: Social media isn’t for everyone!

Posted by Marie Rourke on Apr 22, 2015 3:34:00 PM

Social_mediaSocial media isn’t for everyone or every business. What a relief to finally hear an industry expert say that loud and clear to a crowded room full of channel partners, vendors, influencers, media, and distributors—and mean it!

Where did this shocking statement occur? At the 2015 CompTIA Annual Members’ keynote address of all places. And, what made it even better was the fact it came from the most unlikely source (or so I thought at the time) … Scott Stratten, the president of UnMarketing and one of the top influencers in the world on Twitter. 

Five key social media lessons

Scott’s messages were simple, straightforward, and unmistakable:

  • If you're not in the real-time game, don't be on real-time platforms.” 
  • “Social media is good for what it’s good for: being social.”
  • “Business hasn’t changed. It’s about relationships.”
  • “If you want word-of-mouth marketing, do something worth talking about.”
  • The only statement that matters is the client's statement.”

His unconventional delivery and unfiltered sense of humor put the audience at ease (and in stitches), making it one of the most engaging and entertaining keynotes I’ve seen this year. Plus, the advice he provided was so relevant and easy to put into action.

Renewed focus

Many left the room with a sense of relief, and others (including myself) with a renewed focus on their professional social media efforts. If you are playing in the social sphere, take Scott’s advice to heart. In addition, check out these six tips on social media that I recently shared with TalkinCloud detailing what works, what doesn’t, and when to post to get the best engagement.

Social media is a great platform to be seen and heard on if your business, people, prospects, and customers are also there. But don’t do it just because it’s trending. Do it because it makes sense for you and the business you are in.

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