8 tech headlines that created buzz in 2015

Posted by Lindsay Faria on Dec 30, 2015 1:30:00 PM

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Technology_News_Buzz_Intronis.jpgA lot happens in a year, especially in the IT channel, which seems to move at break-neck pace. As we reflect on 2015 and all of the interesting news we saw throughout the year, we thought it would be fun to ask our Partners to list the most memorable tech headlines from 2015.  Here’s what stood out to them.

1. FBI’s advice on ransomware? Just pay the ransom

What happened: The FBI made a statement saying that because CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, and similar viruses are “just that good,” companies may be out of luck if they get hit, and just need to pay the ransom because it is the easiest thing to do to get their data back.

Why you should care: The truth is that you can avoid the threat posed by ransomware by committing to regular backups and restoring your data from there. No small business should have to put their money in the pocket of cybercriminals.

What our Partners are saying: “Most IT organizations are building physical perimeters instead of accepting that variants will get in! We need to mitigate risk by proactively using tools to prevent ransomware from spreading.”

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2. How Fortune got inside the Sony hack

What happened: Though the Sony hack itself occurred in late 2014, news continued to trickle out about it in 2015, including an eye-opening, three-part article in Fortune Magazine published after a six-month investigation. The Fortune article exposed surprisingly lax security policies and threats that Sony ignored.

Why you should care: The details given in the post-attack article highlighted that all of us are vulnerable, even executives at large corporations, and that with the right precautions and policies in place, this might never have happened, or could have been more easily recovered from.

What our Partners are saying: “No one is safe. Every aspect of IT is critical, from edge protection to internal protection, user training, and, of course, backups! No matter how secure you think something is, humans made the system, so there will always be vulnerabilities that can exploited.”

3. HIPAA compliance and data breaches, as a whole

What happened: A number of HIPAA compliance violations made news this year, to the tune of millions of dollars in fines and millions of patients’ privacy jeopardized.

Why you should care: There is a distinct need, and opportunity, for IT service providers to understand compliance regulations and service their customers in the healthcare industry in a way that supports HIPAA compliance. Likewise, there’s a chance you could let your customers down if you don’t provide solid guidance on keeping their data compliant, so now is the time to get up to speed.

What our Partners are saying: “We need to make sure we are in compliance, and we need to be aware of what HIPAA compliance means to healthcare companies so that we can better serve them.”

HIPAA Compliance and data protection

4. Cisco shuts down million-dollar ransomware operation

What happened: Cisco Systems’ Talos security unit conducted an investigation that managed to take down a ransomware group that was estimated to be making $30 million per year with ransomware.

Why you should care: This is a rare feel-good ransomware story for the MSP community.

What our Partners are saying: “Since ransomware reared its ugly face, your data is still there, just inaccessible. That is just a slap in the face of IT Security. It’s nice to see Cisco fighting back.”

5. Target to pay $10 million to settle lawsuit from massive data breach 

What happened: Target agreed to pay back victims of the 2013 data breach of the popular retailer, when more than 40 million credit cards were compromised.

Why you should care: This is yet another example of the costs associated with cybercrime. It’s also a great example to bring up with customers and prospects to help them think of data protection in terms that are relevant to them.

What our Partners are saying: “Considering the social engineering methods used by the hackers of Target, this story drives the point home that your systems are only as good as the weakest link.”

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6. Car-to-car communication

What happened: General Motors gave us a sneak peek into how car-to-car communication works and revealed that it will be available in cars within a few years.

Why you should care: This technology promises to significantly improve safety on the road, helping to avoid collisions. Time to put a 2017 Cadillac on your wish list?

What our Partners are saying: “It's the new future. It’s all headed this direction!”

7. SpaceX makes history with the first-ever orbital rocket landing

What happened: A rocket was launched into space and later landed on the ground, upright, for the first time in history.

Why you should care: Because these rockets can now be re-used, the cost of sending them into space drops significantly. Also, it opens up new doors for sending astronauts on roundtrip journeys to, say, Mars. 

What our Partners are saying: “This is an interesting example of technology evolving rapidly. Exciting stuff!”

And, then there was some big news for us.

 8. Barracuda acquires Intronis

What happened: Barracuda Networks purchased Intronis for its MSP-centric cloud backup capabilities.

Why you should care: As part of Barracuda, Intronis will have access to a larger portfolio of solutions to enable our channel partners grow their businesses, serve their customers, and be more successful. Intronis is also gaining valuable technical talent that will spark greater innovation, as well as more resources to grow our enablement tools and partner program.

What our Partners are saying: “This means that MSPs and CSPS (Cloud Solution Providers) will benefit from having even more credibility since Barracuda is such a major player in data backup and security.”

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The list of headlines goes on and on; The Apple vs. Samsung legal battle, The Ashley Madison hack, the creators of Google folding it into a new company called Alphabet, and more. What do you think were the most memorable tech headlines of 2015? Be sure to leave it in the comments section!

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